About Yorgrip

The Durable and Versatile quality of the YORGRIP design is a solution to many Industrial and Enviromental access and safety issues... Maybe Yours?

At YORGRIP all our Walkways, Handrails and Ladders are made to order and fabricated to fit over/around valves, pipework etc.

Safety and Access Platforms can be prefabricated for inaccessable areas for safe easy cleaning and maintenance, enabling and utilising all available factory/vehicle space.

YORGRIP offer a neater more professional fit with no waste, saving time on production and giving your customer added value at little or no extra cost.

YORGRIP will fabricate a safety, access solution to fit your site with features to suit your needs.

Why Yorgrip?

  • Proudly Manufactured in Yorkshire
  • Made for lightness and strength
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The Yorgrip design offers a unique BUILT TO FIT Access & Safety solution for many applications.

Yorgrip is a unique open grid Aluminium design system with a durable and effective built in grip. It is used widely in the Tanker industry for the required walkways and ladders.

Together with our safety platforms, retractable and fixed handrails Yorgrip can assist with risk assessment issues to help you implement structured and safe working places.