Factory Installations

Yorgrip panels made to fit over drainage channels in a food manufacturing site.

This project, was to replace the chequer plate covers over drainage channels shown in the picture, to improve safety, hygiene and efficiency. These covers were physically hard to remove for the necessary cleaning require­ments and also became slippy when food particles and liquids collected on the surface.

The made to fit replacement Yorgrip panels are easily removable due to their lightweight construction.The gripped edge prevents slipping.The open grid allows operatives to see build ups of food waste allowing immediate preven­tative measures to be impemented,avoiding any potential public health issues.At this factory the installation of Yorgrip means that they can now clean these channels daily without having to physically remove each panel.Previously,due to the time involved in removing each chequer plate panel with a screwdriver,this cleaning process was only undertaken on a weekly basis.

This Yorgrip installation has therefore improved the hygiene standards, safety and efficiency of this multi national company.

Why Yorgrip?

  • Proudly Manufactured in Yorkshire
  • Made for lightness and strength
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The Yorgrip design offers a unique BUILT TO FIT Access & Safety solution for many applications.

Yorgrip is a unique open grid Aluminium design system with a durable and effective built in grip. It is used widely in the Tanker industry for the required walkways and ladders.

Together with our safety platforms, retractable and fixed handrails Yorgrip can assist with risk assessment issues to help you implement structured and safe working places.