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YORGRIP custom made safety handrails have long been a recognised mark of quality and safety throughout the tanker and fire engine manufacturing industry. YORGRIP safety handrails have also been used to offer a range of safety and security options to many other businesses particularly in factory environments.

YORGRIP’S highly skilled engineers utilise decades of experience to ensure their bespoke handrails are fit for purpose and are subject to vigorous ISO 9001 2015 inspection processes. For over 40 years YORGRIP have worked closely with the tanker manufacturing industry and are therefore acutely aware of their need for expertly designed and easy to operate safety handrails at competitive prices.

YORGRIP’s tanker safety handrails can be installed on each side of a road tank walkway or simply a single handrail on one side of the walkway. By installing our safety handrails, road tanker drivers and engineers are provided with the ability to walk with stability and security on top of the tank, allowing access and important maintenance to be carried out. YORGRIP safety railings can be retractable and therefore only used when needed.

Here is an example of bespoke, retractable safety handrails for a road tanker installation.

The lightweight aluminium ensures maximum payload with reliability and quality remaining high and indeed a priority.

The retractable safety handrails folded down when not in use.

YORGRIP safety handrails are built to British Standards and are made to our customer’s exact requirements and high expectations.


  • Designed to fit your specifications making them easy to install, saving time on production
  • Lightweight material to save on payload
  • Railings can be retractable if required by our customer’s design
  • Quality design in a range of high-end finishes
  • Subject to vigorous quality control checks
  • Our safety railings can be manufactured in a range of materials from stainless steel metal, aluminium, mild steel and galvanised steel.

We are pleased to have manufactured a wide range of bespoke safety handrails and ladders for businesses nationwide and internationally.

Fixed Safety Handrails

Our fixed safety handrails particularly complement our unique aluminium walkway panels and safety platforms. The built-in gripped edge of our panels is particularly effective in a factory environment along with our safety handrails we can offer our customers a bespoke safety platform system suited to their sites. With decades of inhouse experience, our engineers are highly skilled in fabricating handrails that can be custom-built to fit around awkward areas.

Here are some of our safety platforms that incorporate our fixed safety handrails.

As you can see our handrails and safety platforms can come in a wide range of finishes and are all built to bespoke specifications.

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To find out why we at YORGRIP are the go-to company for bespoke safety handrails, please get in touch and speak to one of our highly valued team. We would love to hear from you, discuss your projects and offer you a free quote!

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