Ladders & Handrails

Creating bespoke, custom built ladders in aluminium and stainless steel is a YORGRIP speciality.

In industrial environments off the shelf ladders are not sufficient to provide safe access and meet the health and safety standards that are required.

Excellence, convenience, and cost are important to our customers and all our access ladders can be manufactured by us to meet your needs.


  • Built to fit to save time
  • Neater finish
  • Provide vertical access whilst working at height.
  • Lightweight yet strong

YORGRIP handrails are built to British Standards and can be built to your exact requirements.


  • Ready made to fit your specifications saving time on production
  • Lightweight to save on payload
  • Retractable if required
  • Quality finish

We have manufactured bespoke handrails and ladders for customers nationwide and internationally. We have our own transport and can offer you swift and cost-efficient delivery options.

Call us on 01274 668699 to speak to one of our engineers. Whatever your requirement we will endeavour to help you.