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Creating bespoke, custom-built safety ladders, for our valued customers, in aluminium and stainless steel is a YORGRIP speciality.

In industrial environments off the shelf ladders do not meet the health and safety standards required when Working at Height.

Excellence, convenience, and cost are important to our customers and all our access stainless steel ladders and aluminium ladders are made by us, to meet your needs and deliver results.

Access to the top of tankers is often necessary, however, it needs to be provided within strict health and safety perimeters. For nearly four decades YORGRIP have been manufacturing aluminium and stainless-steel ladders and have established themselves as the industry lead for quality, and fair prices.

The YORGRIP brand is a sign of safety and is the approved ladder supplier to many of the top tanker manufacturers in England and the rest of the UK.

Yorgrip Ladder Products

Spirit Tanker Ladders

YORGRIP spirit tanker ladders are specifically designed for the safe accessing, servicing, repairing, filling and cleaning of road tankers or any large vehicle with a roof designed to take the weight of a person. YORGRIP tanker ladders are used for milk tankers, food transport vehicles, fuel tankers, heating oil tankers, gas tankers, fire engines as well as many other commercial vehicles. 

Our tanker ladders are a complete climbing solution that results in safe, secure and easy access for operating and control works during loading and unloading processes.


  • Built to fit in a variety of lengths and widths: saving production time
  • Mirrors the shape of the tanker providing a sleek, neat finish
  • Provide vertical access whilst working at height.
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Available with the YORGRIP safety grip panels, providing anti-slip properties.

Aluminium Tanker Ladders (Milk Tanker Ladders) 

Benefits of YORGRIP’s aluminium tanker ladders (milk tanker ladders)

  • Made in strong, yet lightweight aluminium
  • Curved handrails to match the radius of the tanker itself
  • Can be made with traditional bent handrails
  • Available with YORGRIP anti-slip panels to offer extra protection
  • Designed to fit in a variety of lengths and widths to save manufacturing time
  • Selected as the industry leader in tanker ladder manufacturing

Made in our factory here in Yorkshire our engineers work with precision and accuracy selecting only the highest quality materials available. We respect our materials and take pride in our work.

The YORGRIP anti-slip grid panel offers additional protection and peace of mind when Working at Height.

Stainless Steel Tanker Ladders (Milk Tanker Ladders)

Benefits of Stainless-Steel Tanker Ladders (Milk tanker ladders)

  • Stainless steel ladder run platform
  • Available in a high-quality bright polish, stainless steel finish
  • Curved handrails to mirror the radius of the tanker
  • Made to measure

Bespoke Access Solutions

Our YORGRIP engineers fabricate a wide range of bespoke access ladders to suit the needs of a huge range of businesses.

Bespoke Folding Access Ladders

Retractable Aluminium Ladders

These retractable aluminium ladders can be fixed to safety platforms/walkways to provide safe access on commercial vehicles. You can select these ladders to be made in a variety of widths and lengths.

Here you can see an example of a tanker ladder that a customer wanted remaking as the original one was damaged.

On the right you can see the shiny, YORGRIP ladder ready to proudly replace the old ladder on the left.

This is a stainless-steel access ladder that incorporates YORGRIP safety handrails, offering additional Working at Height protection on a fire engine. The bottom part of the ladder also folds down allowing for adjustable length.

Here is another example of a ladder that was fabricated to offer extra security and safety on a fire engine.

This ladder was fabricated with a safety hoop protection cage to be used in a factory environment where Working at Height was necessary.

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, YORGRIP’S specialist engineering teams are on hand to provide expert support and free advice to your business. We have been selected as the nation’s leading company for bespoke ladders in both aluminium and stainless steel. YORGRIP offer unequalled quality and service all at fair prices. We offer a wide range of made to measure products and services that allow business to meet their Working at Height requirements in the safest possible way.

We can offer nationwide delivery and short lead times.


Call us today on 01274 668699 to see how we can support you and your company’s projects.