Aluminium Fabrication

At YORGRIP we offer full custom fabrication services in aluminium and stainless steel.

With over 50 years of aluminium fabrication experience, we have accumulated vast knowledge and knowhow about fabrication of metal. This allows us to be able to create bespoke aluminium fabrication solutions that include YORGRIP products providing a complete solutions for our customers. We work hard to deliver superior metal products all backed up by our quality management certification ISO 9001 2015.

With decades of in-house fabrication experience, we use our experience and specialist techniques to deliver quality, bespoke solutions for our clients.  Our skilled engineers are capable of creating anything from steel gantries, aluminium walkways, to decorative shop, bar and restaurant fittings in a modern industrial style.

Why aluminium?

Robust: Aluminium's resistance to corrosion and weathering make it an ideal material for outdoor fabrications.

Versatile: Aluminium can be used in a vast array of fabrication projects.

Sleek and stylish: Modern in appearance, aluminium can be coated with any colour and with any surface finish. It can also complement a modern industrial interior.

Lightweight yet solid: Aluminium weighs less than steel and yet retains much of its strength. The lightweight properties of aluminium also make it easier and safer for manual handling.

YORGRIP is the go-to company for aluminium walkway and tanker ladders in both stainless steel and aluminium. We also manufacture bespoke folding handrails for the top of road tankers.

Over the years our large customer base has allowed us to evolve into new areas of fabrication aluminium. Here are a few examples of the diverse fabrication work we undertake:

  • Furniture: chairs, stools and tables
  • Degreasing equipment: stainless steel and aluminium baskets
  • Heating coils
  • Circus equipment
  • Fairground and play equipment
  • Staging for large concert arenas
  • Milk tanker ladders
  • Safety platforms
  • Welding equipment: stainless and mild steel protection frames
  • Stainless steel vacuum vessels
  • Bespoke barriers and handrails.
  • Bespoke safety walkways

With our vast knowledge and highly skilled staff we can work from detailed drawings to rough sketches for one-off projects. We offer MIG, TIG and MMA welding in both stainless steel and aluminium and we have the capacity to service large quantity orders.

Over many years we have completed some complex aluminium fabrication projects for an extensive range of companies large and small.

YORGRIP offer a range of solutions that include fabrication and welding skills for precision manufacturing of sheet metal for machining. Why not get in touch today?