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Safety Platforms


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YORGRIP Safety Work Platforms

YORGRIP have extensive experience in the manufacture of bespoke safety platforms. Our safety platforms can provide improved access for factories, workshops, warehouses, construction projects and other commercial and domestic uses nationwide.

Our safety platforms provide our customers with custom made solutions that meet their access and safety needs.

YORGRIP aluminium construction and safety platforms can be used to:

  • Provide access to allow the routine or emergency inspections of machinery and equipment.
  • Provide safety routes over machinery, equipment and can be used to provide access to construction projects.
  • Provide a clear and safe view of machinery, equipment and tools.
  • Provide safe and stable access for the loading of supplies.
  • Help employers conform to working at height regulations.
  • Provide maximum grip to reduce slip hazards.

Our safety platforms are also:

  • Light weight and easily transported.
  • Come with ISO 9001 2015 quality assurance.
  • Handrail/barrier options are available to offer additional safety controls.

Why choose YORGRIP Safety platforms?

We can fabricate safety work platforms in stainless steel or aluminium to your exact specifications combined with the renowned YORGRIP safety tread panels. These design features are critical considering the HSE requirements to eliminate the risk of injury from working at height. The open construction qualities of YORGRIP safety work platforms allow the free flow of air in heat vulnerable areas. In a factory environment, YORGRIP safety work platforms can be used for a wide range of applications and individual sys­tems can be constructed to suit your site. Our safety platform units can built to fit around equipment such as valves, pipes and many other complex tooling and machinery.

The YORGRIP safety platform system offers BUILT TO FIT access and safety control.

YORGRIP can manufacture anything from small to substantial safety work platforms to suit your exact construction requirements.

Here at YORGRIP we are a team of problem solvers, and we are ready to find the best safety solutions for you.