At YORGRIP we offer full, custom fabrication and welding services in stainless steel.

With over 50 years of stainless steel fabrication experience, we have accumulated a vast knowledge and expertise when manufacturing this versatile metal. We work hard to deliver superior aluminium and stainless-steel fabrications. Our services and processes are all backed up by our quality management certification ISO 9001 2015.

With decades of in-house stainless steel fabrication and manufacturing experience, we use our highly trained staff and specialist welding techniques to deliver quality, bespoke services for our customers. Our factory is well equipped with modern tools and CNC machinery to enable us to follow strict quality control processes and ensure professional finishing techniques are achieved. Our skilled engineers can fabricate anything from aluminium gantries, aluminium walkways, to decorative shop units; bar and restaurant fittings in a modern, metal, industrial design. When it comes to aluminium fabrication there is nothing that YORGRIP won’t tackle.

Over the years our large customer base has allowed us to evolve into new areas of fabrication in stainless steel. We have completed many quality, complex stainless fabrication, and welding projects for an extensive range of companies large and small. We pride ourselves on working with care and precision to produce a quality product offering high end finishing techniques to meet the design requirements of our customers.

Our Stainless fabrication projects and services

No other metals can compare to aluminium when it comes to its variety of uses; and when it comes to aluminium fabrication services the YORGRIP team are the experts.

Here are a few examples of the diverse fabrication work and services we undertake here at YORGRIP:

  • Furniture: the fabrication of chairs, stools and tables with a modern industrial design
  • Degreasing equipment: the fabrication of stainless steel baskets to be used in industrial washing machines
  • Stainless-steel heating coils
  • Fairground and play equipment designed in stainless steel.
  • Staging for large concert arenas fabricated using YORGRIP’s unique safety grip design
  • Milk tanker ladders fabricated in stainless steel.
  • Welding equipment: stainless and mild steel protection frames
  • Stainless steel vacuum vessels
  • Bespoke barriers and handrails designed for the top of road tankers.

Why choose YORGRIP for your stainless steel fabrication projects?

When it comes to stainless fabrication services YORGRIP are the company to trust with your production designs.

With our vast knowledge and highly skilled staff, quality tooling and CNC machines we can work with precision from detailed drawings and designs to rough sketches for one-off unit projects. We offer MIG, TIG and MMA welding services in both stainless steel and aluminium and we have the capacity to service large quantity production orders. No fabrication job is too big or too small.

Contact the YORGRIP team now on 01274 668699 to see what fabrication services we can offer you and your business.