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YORGRIP’s aluminium safety walkway systems are designed to provide health and safety solutions when working at height is necessary.

YORGRIP is a unique open grid aluminium walkway system with a durable and effective built-in nonslip grid surface. Our safety walkways are an ideal choice for many different settings including factories and industrial units, where the need for access and safety when working at height is extremely high.

When working on top of tankers or tank containers is deemed necessary, the risks of falling from a height, access, contact with products and exposure to fumes is high. To address potential high risks and hazards, you can install superior safety and security measures by using YORGRIP aluminium walkway systems.

Widely used in the tanker industry our lightweight aluminium walkway systems are used to create safe and effective access for drivers and engineers, enabling important cleaning, service, and maintenance work to be carried out. Most importantly our maintenance walkways can prevent serious accidents. Considerably reducing injury from slips, trips and falls, YORGRIPS’s aluminium walkways will also prevent tankers and factory machinery from getting seriously damaged caused by occupants clambering over pipes, parts and other vital equipment and items.

The benefits of using YORGRIP aluminium walkway systems

Our lightweight aluminium walkway panels are custom made to your exact specifications, applications and can be configured to fit on or around even the most awkward parts of a factory or tanker. The YORGRIP built-in gripped edge surface offers maximum grip for safety and the open grid design gives lightness with robust strength. These design features are critical considering the HSE requirements to eliminate the risk of injury from working at height.

The YORGRIP aluminium walkway system provides safe access and the best possible nonslip surface in all weathers.

The aluminium walkways can be easily removed if necessary, for cleaning, service and maintenance purposes. The open construction qualities of YORGRIP aluminium panels allow the free flow of air in heat vulnerable areas. In a factory environment, YORGRIP panels can be used for a large range of applications and individual access walkways can be constructed to suit your site.

Despite YORGRIP’S robust construction, the access walkways are made from quality lightweight aluminium with the benefit of reducing payload.

YORGRIP can fabricate safety walkways for a variety of purposes including access, cleaning and maintenance requirements. We are the approved suppliers to many road tanker manufacturers both nationally and internationally and each access walkway is fabricated to our customers’ bespoke requirements. Once delivered, our aluminium walkway systems can be simply bolted into position vastly reducing production time for road tanker manufacturers.

Why choose YORGRIP walkways?

SAFETY: Our aluminium walkways are designed to offer you the best nonslip qualities and provide a safe working environment.

DURABILITY: Our YORGRIP aluminium walkway panels are designed to last. Aluminium’s resistance to corrosion and weathering makes it the ideal material for safety walkways.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Aluminium metal weighs less than steel and yet retains much of its strength while keeping payload low.

BESPOKE: Our access walkway systems are designed to fit. Our experienced engineers work hard to understand the needs of each industry and customer ensuring their exact access requirements and high expectations are met.

Adaptable: Our access walkway systems are not only used on top on road tankers. YORGRIP safety and maintenance platforms are also widely used in factories, construction sites, industrial units, industrial estates, staging for live events: in fact YORGRIP platforms can be used anywhere where access and working safely from height is a priority.

Experience: For over four decades our engineers have been leading the way in the supply and manufacture of safety walkway systems. We work extremely hard to exceed the high standards of our customers and indeed meet the ISO 9001 2015 requirements.

YORGRIP’s safety walkways can be spotted proudly gleaming on top of thousands of road tankers all over the nation’s motorway network allowing maintenance work to be carried out safely from a height.

We are the number one choice for safety walkways both nationally and internationally.

Our skilled and motivated workforce have been manufacturing YORGRIP safety walkways and providing expert support to benefit our highly valued customers for over 40 years. YORGRIP manufacture a world class product and offer a world class service. We are extremely proud to be one of the leading suppliers of safety platforms.

Manufactured here in our Yorkshire factory we are well placed to major motorway links and can deliver nationwide.

Contact the YORGRIP team now on 01274 668699 for a free quote and see how we can supply your company with a range of safety walkway solutions to suit your needs. You can also complete the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch.

From small one-off projects to large scale walkway systems, we would love to hear from you.